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Current Scenario

Prevailing scenario of career choices decision making is characterised by:

  • Employment/Job Security/Social Status driven career decisions. Career choices restricted to conventional careers like Government Jobs, Medical, Engineering, Accountancy, Teaching, Defense, etc.
  • Mushroom growth of substandard professional teaching institutions compromising quality of education/training.
  • Distinctly visible institution-industry gaps in terms of knowledge/skills/competencies needed for different professions.
  • Oversupply of qualified manpower in conventional careers resulting into widespread unemployment and acute skill shortages in other professions.
  • Very high employee turnover/mobility amongst employed professionals during initial years of their career indicative of very low employee engagement/job satisfaction.
  • Very low innovations and use of creativity in most Indian companies.
  • Acute shortages of talent for leadership pipe line in most industries.

Our Vision

To be recognised as one of the most credible service providers for career planning, career counselling, coaching & mentoring, talent identification and talent sourcing.

Our Mission

  • Help children choose careers which they would enjoy pursuing with passion.
  • Help budding professionals to choose right career streams suited to their psychological structure.
  • Help organisations in identifying right talent for different roles based on alignment of psychological profile of people with role demands.
  • Help schools in institutionalising process of right career choices decision making for students.